Paid professionals

Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I read a letter from Bobbie Haffner in Friday's paper in which he (or she) complained about the way we, as a nation, have changed for the worst and that Juneau is not better than the rest of the nation because of the way Greenpeace was treated here.

I really don't think people have changed that much. One thing for sure is that people today should be more informed than they ever have been. When it comes to Greenpeace, everyone needs to understand that, like most environmental organizations, Greenpeace is made up of paid professionals. Those professionals are able to keep their jobs only by making splashes in the news, which attracts donations from people sympathetic to whatever cause Greenpeace chooses to pursue.

What's really interesting when it comes to environmental groups like Greenpeace is that they never pursue the only real threat to our world environment, which is population growth. The reasons for this seems to be that this problem is so tremendous and seemingly unsolvable that it doesn't attract money. God bless Greenpeace and other groups like them for being so professional.

Edwin Johnson


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