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Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Mr. Whelsley, you go right ahead and pray for us and when you do, please pray for the men and their families of all races that are trying to make ends meet by working in these fields. And in case you are wondering, I am not an Alaska Native, but I am a human being and I do believe that above everything else the human race takes priority.

Ms. Doll, if Greenpeace wants to help save resources, why don't they take all of the money that is being given to them and buy up the rights to the land, the IFQs, or whatever the case may be? It seems to me that in doing so, it would prove much more fruitful than paying for lobbyists, lawyers, scientists and large rainbow boats that they have to worry about where to dock.

I have one final suggestion: If you are so "ashamed and embarrassed" to live here Ms. Doll - MOVE! I can think of many other places where there are trees you can go and hug!

Amanda Corcoran


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