Bonnie Brae vs. Bayview

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 02, 2005

As past manager of the Bonnie Brae Homeowners' Association (BBHA), I'd like to offer a couple small corrections, and perhaps some clarification to Dave Crabtree's letter "Bayview no different than Bonnie Brae" (Aug. 31).

The Bonnie Brae water and sewer systems were installed by developers and operated for several years by homeowners through BBHA. Almost from the beginning, the intention of the homeowners' board was to have the city take the systems over. In order to accept the sewer system, the city required the subdivision to bring it to city standards. The BBHA, not the city, hired and paid a contractor to make the improvements. However, each repair was inspected and approved by city inspectors.

When city staff was satisfied that our sewer system met their standards: The city accepted the system, BBHA paid the contractor and all other BBHA outstanding debts, and the balance of the BBHA funds was split equally among homeowners who had been paying members for at least a year. (The city was not given any remaining BBHA funds.) BBHA was allowed to dissolve.

For a period, the city pumped homeowners' processing tanks on a rotating schedule until outfall-permitting requirements changed. In order to meet the new outfall requirements, the city wanted to hook up the Bonnie Brae sewer system to the city's; homeowners were asked to vote on creating an improvement district. Homeowners, who wanted to get the tanks and maintenance requiring aerators out of their yards, approved the creation of a district, believing that regardless of the vote, the city would most likely implement one.

Jack Cannon


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