Keep roundabout traffic moving

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 02, 2005

As a daily participant in the newly opened roundabout, I have a friendly suggestion to make. Prior to the roundabout, the Douglas-West Juneau folks have always been courteous and accommodating to those of us coming from north Douglas. Now, the Douglas folks have a yield sign, and some drivers are taking this to mean a "stop" sign.

This morning, as I was coming from north Douglas, there was a car stopped at the Douglas-side yield sign letting four or five cars go through from the north Douglas side. The driver just sat there waving people through. And although the driver's intentions were honorable, this does nothing to relieve the backup coming from West Juneau and Douglas.

The roundabout is intended to keep the traffic flowing. Those of us who live on north Douglas are happy to return the courtesy extended to us all these years. Allow us to let you into the traffic flow and keep things moving along for everyone.

Charlotte Carroll

North Douglas

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