Make voices heard on Alaska energy relief

Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The energy rebates shouldn't be tied to the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend qualifiers.

And, I do not understand why more Alaskans aren't speaking out on this unfair distribution of the energy rebates. All Alaskans should get a bonus check.

Many of you may know a family, friend, neighbor or relative who, for one reason or another, is not eligible for the permanent fund dividend, so they are not getting the energy rebate check either. Let your voice be heard. Contact your Legislature.

I e-mailed the governor about this. I got a reply saying that if you don't qualify for a dividend, then you don't qualify for a bonus energy rebate check either.

President Bush included all U.S. citizens in his relief, even those who didn't file an income tax statement. The stimulus tax rebate check was attached to the income tax filers for the current year; those who didn't file were still able to get a tax rebate check by filling out an application.

Let your voice be heard, Alaska. These are the people you elected.

Bernice Hansen


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