Word of Mouth

Posted: Sunday, September 03, 2000

Please read Propositions 3 and 6. Do we want people driving here or do we need educated kids?

Our over-crowded high school is not preparing our kids for college.

Thanks to Marsha and the other bus drivers for getting my kids between home and school safely every day. Your job is very much appreciated.

The majority of students have had a year or more of preschool before attending elementary school. Previous experience teamed with over 80 billion brain cells at work qualify students for a beefed-up curriculum.

If the Juneau School District wants to attract more students, it needs to change the way administrators and special education teachers deal with parents.

I'm proud that they recognize God in schools. When they excluded God came corruption, teenage pregnancy and violence within the schools.

As an atheist punk at JDHS, I don't believe in what the Pledge of Allegiance stands for but I do think everyone deserves respect for what they believe. I may not recite the pledge but I do stand out of respect for others.

Separation of church of state was intended as much to keep religion out of our government as to keep government out of our religion.

People who park in emergency lanes or fire lanes in front of stores don't deserve to have the privilege to drive.

I am glad Alaska got a D on gun control. It is my own business how I store my guns and whether I have kids in the house with guns.

The parking lot for the Mendenhall Post Office is very poorly designed. I have had several close calls in that lot. I wish there was an entrance coming off Riverside that caused traffic to flow one way in there.

I agree with the caller who was offended by the "Alaska to Go" tourist bags. Alaska always has been the take-out state -- take out our timber, our gold and our oil and leave the mess for us to clean up.

As we complain about the tourists in this town, it's time to realize it's not the tourists, it's the greedy tour operator, the ones who will cheat or break the law to make more money and bring more people through. They are pitting the locals against the tourists.

To anybody who wants to complain about traffic on Egan Drive with the construction, if we had a road out of here we would have this kind of traffic all the time.

I sure hate paying $125 a year for the Empire and having to use a magnifying glass to read the sports page.

My husband and I have lived in Alaska for 40 years and it breaks my heart that all Juneau people have to do is complain.

Why don't you all just stop your complaining and come to my house? I'm having a party this weekend.

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