Greenpeace postings could help terrorists

Posted: Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The main point William Tonsgard Jr. was making in his My Turn article of Aug. 26 is the forest is growing faster and wilder than before it was logged, even in the Cat-logged areas.

No pun intended, but Wayne Alex obviously has an axe to grind with Bill Tonsgard Sr., as most of the space in his Aug. 29 My Turn was used in taking pot-shots at Tonsgard and his company. It sounds like he was a fisherman who attempted logging at one time, saw how dangerous it was, and came away with an attitude.

Mr. Alex cited the accident of the loader operator whose legs had been crushed. As with all dangerous jobs, there will be accidents; less so these days, because of the awareness and safety regulations which have heightened through the years in not only logging, but in every job situation.

Bill Tonsgard Sr. paid his employees a generous wage, but in return he expected 200 percent from them. Anyone who didn't measure up got a free plane ride home. The loggers Alex claims are his "lifelong friends" were old-timers with Tonsgard Logging who were there long before and after Mr. Alex's short stint. I suppose if they were truly his lifelong friends, he might remember their names correctly. He also claims Tonsgard's bookkeeper flew him out to the job, but the bookkeeper was Tonsgard's wife, Jeane, and she has never flown a plane!

Even in the 1960s, it was supposedly mandatory that log camps were to be cleaned up before they were abandoned, so Steve Wolf's claim (My Turn, Aug. 31) that Tonsgard Jr. is benefiting from log camp cleanups is false. (Please re-read Mr. Tonsgard's article. He did not specify what his cleanups were, but they were not from log camps.) Mr. Tonsgard did a five-site cannery cleanup and continues to pick up scrap metal wherever he finds it.

I'm sure the people on Greenpeace's boat were warm and friendly, but to get the big picture on their terrorist activities, all one has to do is an Internet search which is where Dick Callahan took the information for his letter (Sept. 2) almost verbatim. What he did not include in his letter is evidence of Greenpeace's pro-Saddam mindset, ties to the KGB, and the fact the Soviets helped Greenpeace raise funds in the 1980s. Greenpeace seems to be indifferent about the fact their recent strategy to take issue with factories that produce toxic waste in the U.S. (complete with colored maps) posted on the Internet could help Al Qaeda in waging another 9/11 disaster.

Connie Tonsgard


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