Smoking outside helps social life

Posted: Monday, September 03, 2007

I admit it, I like to frequent the Juneau bars and blow off some steam, every so often. A beer now and then, some friends to visit.

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One time, at the Rendezvous, there was a smoke-free night. There was something special in the air. We all could see each other without a thick, hazy fog covering everything. We all could breathe easy and fresh. Everyone danced the night away to Karaoke. It was a special night.

I've been to some great smoke-free bars on the East Coast, which has cold winters just like us. The smokers I know have talked about how the smoking ban has actually improved their social lives. Smoking outside, this gives restless souls one more place to visit with each other, and where you can actually hear each other without the noisy music blaring away. There are many smokers who have found romance, soul partners, and new friends, through smoking outside. Many of my smoking friends on the East Coast prefer the smoking ban to before. The cold outside is also a refreshing break from the sweaty cloistered alehouses and clubs.

So there are benefits to the upcoming smoking ban in Juneau. For smokers and nonsmokers. It's the best of both worlds for both sides, once we have a chance to get used to the idea. I get tired from holier-than-thou smoke critics. Let them seethe in their uptight smoke-free meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, all you smokers, you can look forward to making friends near the doors of Juneau bars, during the majestic, chilly Alaskan winters.

Ishmael Hope


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