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Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2001

While visiting your city on Aug. 26, my friend, Ms. Marilyn Elliott, was robbed by three older teens on bikes (kangaroo jackets with the hoods over their head) while we were walking along the bike-walking path coming back from the Mendenhall Glacier. We were within five minutes of reaching the No. 3 bus stop at the corner of Mendenhall Loop Road and Mendenhall Glacier Road.

After the initial of shock of the purse snatching, I raced across the street to call 911. We were quite unprepared for the kindness and concern express by the neighbors we met and would like to express our appreciation to:

The man who lived just north of the cul de sac of homes on Glacier Road who let me call the police and then took off in his Jeep to try to locate the trio.

The professionalism of Officer Quinto.

The family who was out on a bike ride and found the purse in the bushes by a nearby road.

Bruce and his wife, who live in the first house in the cul de sac for taking us to where the purse was found and back to the ship.

Also to whomever found Marilyn's driver's license and turned it in to the police.

Of the hundreds of people that have heard about this incident, we always stress the kindness of these citizens. We would both like to say thanks to them.

I hope I have the streets right. I don't know the name of the cul de sac, as it is not on any of the tourist maps.

Dr. Ronald A. Jobe

Vancouver, B.C.

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