Plague of incivility

Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2001

I have had nothing to do with the "IHH deals" mentioned in Jeff Barnard's letter that appeared in Friday's Empire. All I know is what has been reported in the press, which I assume Mr. Barnard knows, too. From those reports, the IHH deals have been a problem and that is unfortunate. If Mr. Barnard had called me, I could have set him straight. I'm in the book.

Sadly, he didn't call. Rather, he apparently sought to tarnish me by connecting me with a recent scandal for no reason that I can understand. This business of gossip, hearsay, and reputation-bashing is a fact of life in Juneau, and letters like Barnard's are just the sort of thing that will keep others from writing or making public statements.

Well, perhaps this can be a character test. If Mr. Barnard apologizes in these pages, he passes. If not, then the plague of incivility and thoughtlessness that afflicts our town will claim another victory.

Murray Walsh


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