Article was OK, just keep it from youth

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, September 04, 2006

I can see, in a society where sex is such a hidden topic, the reaction from Juneau readers over the Hooligan sex-toys article. I am saddened by the admission of the paper that they will tone down the articles in an attempt to make everyone happy. Hopefully you'll see the ignorance in this move.

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My hope, however, is that you keep articles out of print that you wouldn't want someone less than 15 reading and simply restrict them to the online version. Thousands of people in Juneau and the surrounding area were more than interested in the topic of sex toys and accessories. Now, weather an admission would be included with that is probably far fetched, because our society doesn't speak of such things. But rest assured, that it was a topic discussed over many water coolers in the days following. And most importantly, it became a topic in countless bedrooms.

Sexual freedom in couples is not something found very often in this country, because we fail to connect with our partners on levels that allow such a verbal freedom. Our egos and the ingrained notion that sex is bad stops people from asking others for advice and information on sexual topics.

I more than applaud your article. I do think the pictures included were amateurish, but not tasteless. And the article itself explained a billion-dollar industry that for most is unknown.

Keep up the good writing; just make an attempt to keep it out of the younger generations' hands.

Ben Madison

Havelock, N.C.

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