Katzehin River Delta plan is a boondoggle

Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We moved from Anchorage to Haines in 1957, and around that time, the Lutak Road started being surveyed every summer in preparation for the road to Juneau. I distinctly remember my father saying in 1966, "You'd think they'd know where this road is by now!" and us laughing heartily.

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This latest proposal to the Katzehin River Delta is a boondoggle. If the shuttle ferry goes to Skagway, "Home of the North Wind," there are innumerable shoals, rocks, shallows and other hazards to contend with. If the ferry goes to the Chilkat Peninsula, which is mostly park lands, the terminal would have to go in either Letnikof Cove or Portage Cove - both whirling-dervish kind of blowholes. Take a good look at a detailed marine chart of this area and note the location of the shipping lane. There are reasons why it's where it is.

I'm afraid it will be shoved through because some permits have been granted, some monies appropriated and the wheels are in motion - not good reasons for a bad idea.

Haines proper had 309 inches (25.7 feet), unofficially, of snow last winter. The Border Station had 356.5 inches (29.71 feet). On May 15, on KHNS-FM radio, the highway report for both the Klondike and Haines highways was "normal winter driving conditions."

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