Mac Lethal comes to the 907

Kansas City rapper will perform on Saturday, Sept. 6

Posted: Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ice Box Entertainment, an Anchorage-based music promotion company launched by rapper Akream (pronounced "a-cream"), is bringing popular rapper Mac Lethal to Alaska for the first time.

Courtesy Of Mac Lethal
Courtesy Of Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal, who is excited about coming to Alaska, according to Akream, launched on to the rap scene in a big way when he became the MC Scribble Jam champion in 2002.

Scribble Jam, known as America's Largest Hip-Hop Festival, is anannual event held in Cincinnati, Ohio, that features emcee and DJ battles, among other events.

Promoter Akream attributes Mac Lethal's win to his wordplay talent.

"You can put a hundred guys in a room and tell them to write a song and this guy would stand out," Akream said.

His talent was noticed by Rhymesayers Entertainment who signed him in 2004. In 2006 he started a promotional company, Black Clover Records, with his friend Jeremy Willis.

Akream said the playing field is being leveled in the music industry because of the Internet and promotional outlets like MySpace.

"Record companies have no idea what to do with artists because we can promote ourselves," Akream said.

Mac Lethal's MySpace page ( describes his 2007 debut album, "11:11," as a "cynical, drunk, thought-provoking and hard-hitting album about beer, distaste with religion, kissing girls and most of all, Kansas City."

Mac Lethal is so popular because his subjects are real, Akream said.

"He raps about real people and real stuff so people can relate."

Mac Lethal also recently released a mixtape through Black Clover Records.

A mixtape is a an unorganized jam with no label and usually uses a beat from existing songs with new lyrics.

Mac Lethal delivers a warning with his mixtape.

"Rappers beware, while you're being the best rapper ever, this drunken, bald-headed Irish boy might trip and fall into you, shattering your front teeth. And being that he doesn't have insurance, you will talk (expletive) up for the rest of your life," Akream said.

Rolling Stone's October 2007 review of "11:11" described the rapper this way: "Fitting perfectly articulated rhymes to efficiently catchy beats in an accent as Middle American as canned peaches, he's a contemporary cross between a folk singer and a stand-up comic."

Mac Lethal will perform at Marlintini's Lounge on Saturday, Sept. 6, at 10 p.m. Juneau rappers Phonetic, Ofay, Akream and DJ Judo will join him.

• Courtney Nelson is a writer living in Juneau.

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