Juneau needs detox facility for inebriates

Posted: Friday, September 04, 2009

Anchorage is working with the Salvation Army to establish a detox facility for public inebriates. Juneau has just as much need for this type of institution as does Anchorage.

So many of the street homeless here in Juneau are chemically addicted and have no place to go for help. The Rain Forest Recovery Center is run by Bartlett Hospital and has only two public detox beds. The rest of the beds are for paying consumers, and even then their bed space in limited.

I have written to city assembly members asking for them to follow suit with Anchorage in this matter, as well as contacted the local Salvation Army. I encourage everyone to do the same. Juneau is the capital city and it needs to set an example for helping with the homeless public inebriate problem.

Bill Burk


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