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Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2000

People should be fined for leaving their garbage for the bears to get into. With that bears are always in the area and then they're killed. Its not the bears' fault; it's the people's fault.

People complaining about the broken windshields from the trucks should not follow me so closely in my dump truck.

I'm a senior in high school and they're not even letting the seniors do anything that you've been waiting your whole life to do. The freshmen weren't allowed to wear their shirts, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. All they say is "I love my seniors" and they're ruining all the seniors' fun.

Local business people would be well advised to get their facts straight before dismissing the cruise industry's air emissions as inconsequential in comparison to those generated in the Lemon Creek area. The air emissions at the Lemon Creek industry are heavily regulated, regularly monitored and fines are imposed for violations.

The speed bumps at the end of Riverside Drive are too big. I almost ruined my suspension and bit off my tongue.

I hope everybody got a chance to go outside and play in the sunshine. I was reminded why I love it here and why I choose to continue living here.

I was reading the propositions the city is putting on the October ballot and got a kick out of them calling it a temporary tax. When has anybody ever given us a temporary tax on anything?

When the bird refuge at the wetlands where I had been watching migratory birds and nesting birds turns into a combat field with children carrying guns and killing for entertainment, it's no wonder our children are struggling to stay on the path. There are respectful ways to end a life and show children how compost can turn into flowers. Do we really want to glorify this type of violence?

I can't understand the deep ditches around the pavement they're putting down on Egan Drive. Surely they're going to put up guardrails to protect us. In the winter this will be a terrible hazard.

As an atheist I find it offensive to be forced to listen to the Pledge of Allegiance on the P.A. system at the high school every morning. You're required to stand and that's not right.

The state legislators passed the law about the Pledge of Allegiance and got American flags in all of our classrooms. I'd like to plead with them to get some materials for me to teach with.

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