Excessive exuberance

Posted: Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Thanks to Murray Walsh for his quick response to my inquiry about the IHH deals. I understand his defensive response in light of the flame wars that have been occurring over the past month on the Empire's editorial page. As he correctly surmised, as far as I know he does not bear responsibility for the IHH deals. I should admit, I guess, taking advantage of his good nature, hoping he would actually reply to my inquiry. My inquiry about IHH was directed at him because he had had a fairly lengthy letter the day before in the paper giving his version of the history of some Assembly actions. I was hoping that if he was willing to give his version on some CBJ matters to Mark Regan, he might be willing do it for me as well.

My purpose in bringing up the IHH deals and some aspects of the golf course deal is as an example for our Assembly candidates and perhaps some in the press about what the costs of excessive exuberance in the pursuit of economic development can be for the community.

Jeff Barnard


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