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Posted: Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Every voter has a stake in the national movement to restore faith, trust and fairness to the election process. Additionally, it is imperative that Juneau voters carefully scrutinize every candidate that is seeking elective office to lead our community. Since Juneau is potentially in a very vulnerable position, we must elect leaders who are competent, strong, skillful, effective and efficient. These are the reasons that I will support and vote for Randy Wanamaker, District 2, for CBJ Assembly.

Randy has been an active citizen for a very long time, expanding his civic involvement throughout Southeast and statewide Alaska. Those of us who have worked with him over the years can attest to his competence, total commitment and dependability. He does not seek the spotlight in his endeavors, but his dedication to the jobs at hand invariably moves him into positions of leadership.

I especially appreciate the fact that Randy has the ability to transcend the "politics-of-the-day" mentality and how he works progressively for the welfare of the entire community and its citizens. His visionary positions on economic and educational issues are refreshing. His integrity and loyalty to Juneau will help to reinvigorate the great community spirit that most of us still have for Alaska's capital city. Every voter should examine Randy's impressive records of professional achievements and his civic activities. I am sure that you will agree that we need people like him to represent us.

Let's vote and elect Randy Wanamaker to the District 2 CBJ Assembly seat. He is an outstanding candidate that will make us all proud to have him as one of our elected leaders.

Rosalee T. Walker


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