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Posted: Sunday, September 05, 2004

I took Marty Caress's advice (letters to the editor, Sept. 1) and checked out the Dave Kopel critique of Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11." I discovered that Dave Kopel's home page is part of the Independence Institute Web site. The president of the Institute is John Caldara, who helps broadcast the Institute's public policy philosophy in part through Denver's KOA-AM radio station.

Go to, and you will find a Web site graced with a picture of Rush Limbaugh, well-known conservative talk-show host. KOA is one of the 1225 radio stations owned by Clear Channel, whose CEO is Lowry Mays, a petroleum engineering graduate from Texas A&M. A Google search of Clear Channel finds a variety of sources claiming ties between Clear Channel and the Bush campaign.

So the conclusion here? Perhaps readers have been sent to a different fox for a different hen report.

What all this clucking does is avoid the really hard questions about the war, the deficit, the availability of health care, the environment, the role of the media, the current lack of leadership in the area of foreign policy ... the list goes on. I want a leader for this nation who will function as a diplomat and statesman to rebuild damaged relationships with our allies. Such a leader must be able to cajole, debate, persuade, and sometimes compromise, all in the spirit of respect. This is not "kow-towing," as some have claimed, but rather the free and democratic exchange of ideas between respected allies. Such a leader must be reflective, must surround hersef or himself with a cadre of advisers who will not fall prey to group-think, must respect all of our nation's citizens, and must heal the divisiveness that is now rampant in this country.

We need a balanced Congress that revives the practice of statesmanship, that works for the common good, and that debates issues to their best conclusion. That is the type of "clucking" that can rejuvenate a democracy.

Judy Andree


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