Vandalism evidence of terrorists in our midst

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am not Jewish, but I am outraged and dismayed by the recent vandalism that occurred at Juneau's Jewish synagogue. The painting of a swastika on this house of worship was an act of terrorism.

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Terrorism is nothing more than the ignorant, cowardly attempt to create fear. An act of terrorism is stooped to by people who are too insecure in their beliefs (if they actually have any) to risk open debate.

This mindless act of terrorism may appear to be so juvenile as to not warrant concern. But this act is a symptom of a social cancer, and like a cancer, must be confronted early and aggressively. The first and only line of successful defense against this type of terrorism is for each of us to affirm to ourselves and to our neighbors: This is not acceptable in my country nor in my town - not now, not ever.

Garland Walker


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