Tongass should be name of new school

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's a joy to talk about names for the new high school ("Give the new school a non-wussified name," by Korry Keeker, Aug. 24 Hooligan) and a relief from so many crises within our state, nation and world.

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It's sad to know we can't use names of people because we have so many who have contributed to Juneau, but we do have rooms, a library and field we may be able to name after them.

So with much thought - and it's not used yet - I suggest "Tongass High School" in honor of the Tongass National Forest. In addition, I can envision a Falcon (mascot already chosen) perched majestically on a tree in this forest we must protect, a charge to our future stewards of our land and sea.

Connie Munro


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