Cartoon creates a dilemma for reader

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

As a female, I am insulted by the message of the political cartoon, "Young Woman's Values Class," (Aug. 30). The cartoon suggests that a woman who might need the morning-after pill (Plan B) does so after acting like a "drunken whore." This is such a derogatory way to describe a woman who needs emergency contraception that I am sure the Empire will receive many letters of complaint. In the meantime, I am left struggling with how best to explain to my two teenage sons the meaning of "drunken whore."

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Perhaps I could begin by telling them that women who enjoy sex are lesser beings, and that they should avoid such women at all costs. I should also mention that women are taught by our society that they must present themselves as sexually attractive beings without being sexually active, a dilemma that leaves women particularly dangerous and hysterical. I could refuse to explain any of this and only assure them that I am canceling my subscription to the Empire to protect them from future cartoons, but then we would miss the Hooligan with its clever humor and strong, informative writing - such a dilemma.

Judy Andree


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