Juneau's taking it in the tush without road

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Juneau needs a road out of town badly. Then, and only then, will Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Marine Highway System wake up and lower their prices. Right now, Juneau is getting it in the tush, especially for someone wanting a vacation out of town.

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A one-way ferry from Juneau to Bellingham, with a cabin, three kids, one cat, one dog, cost me $1,800. That doesn't even include food. They charged my cat and dog gasoline mileage even with them in my truck, which was already charged the surcharge of gas. Talk about being screwed from the get-go. Now, if we wanted to take Alaska Airlines, it would have been $650 per person just to get off the rock.

Juneau needs this road, so we can enjoy the beauty of Alaska. I have lived in Alaska since 1984 in various towns in Southeast and the Interior. It's time to wake up, Juneau. Get a road to freedom.

Erin Heywood-Anderson

Wasilla and Sitka

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