Davis Street turned into unpassable mess

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Davis Street has been an unpassable dirt and rock mess for almost two months, with no end in sight. This street is the only one that serves the hundreds of Juneau residents who live in the Lemon Creek Road and Churchill Park neighborhoods. Also, it's the only way to Lemon Creek Correctional Center. For almost two months, bus service has been suspended, and other city services are significantly delayed.

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I don't drive, so like others who depend on the public transportation system, I'm expected to walk over mud, dirt and rocks, and through and around heavy equipment, past a crew apparently being managed by someone who doesn't know how to fix this mess (not something that inspires confidence).

My many telephone calls have been met with confusion and blame. Yes, it has rained more this summer than predicted, but this is a rain forest, so it's reasonable to expect that progress ought to be made notwithstanding the rain. On this anniversary of another unexpected failure that left people stranded while officials blamed each other and poised themselves for litigation, let's get that damn road fixed.

Ernestine Hayes


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