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Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

During primary election night, Aug. 22, I stood at the Egan Center and thought about the next four years and what the next governor faced. I decided to look at the three candidates' Web sites to see what they each had to say. It was some interesting reading.

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Independent candidate Andrew Halcro wants to blame both former Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles and Republican candidate Sarah Palin for causing the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend program to crash the past few years; it was actually the stock market crash after 9/11 that hurt the dividends. A good portion of his main page is negative campaigning.

Palin's Web site talks about what she's for and what she's against, but not why or what she's going to do to change anything - same strategy as Frank Murkowski's campaign of four years ago. It's a pretty strategy, but go past the skin there isn't anything there.

When you go to Knowles' site, he goes through the issues and says what he plans to do. For instance, on the gas pipeline, "Rather than go hat in hand, we should lay out terms that we as a state want and invite all interested parties to submit proposals that explain how they will meet our terms." On labor, "Tony Knowles believes that a strong project labor agreement is essential to any gas line contract. He will require in-state hiring locations and commit resources to vocational schools and apprenticeship programs."

When Knowles was governor, the Republicans had a veto-proof majority, yet he was still able to get Denali Kid Care funded, which provided basic health care for 25,000 children and 5,000 pregnant women.

Knowles has the experience to move Alaska forward. This is a time Alaska needs experienced leadership. Let's not have another four years of voter remorse. Vote for the candidate who tells you up front what he plans to do, but give him the tools to get the job done.

Gilbert Lucero


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