Photos: Mountain Music

Posted: Sunday, September 05, 2010

Clockwise from left: Bluesman Pat Henry performs at the Mount Roberts Tramway's Chilkat Theater during the fifth annual Mountain Music Festival Friday. Terry Hoskinson, emcee of the evening's concert, joins the crowd as they erupt in laughter at a comical tune performed by Pat Henry. Dale Wygant performs accordian pieces during his set at the festival. The Machakos Family Band performs for a happy crowd during Friday's festival on the mountain. John Ingalls uses a shovel as a percussion instrument during a set with The Romantic Highlanders (with John Lager, Jason Soza and Hannah and Sophie Lager). Center: Alaska's Kit sings a mix of original and cover tunes during her set with Steve Wilde.

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Photos By Libby Sterling / Juneau Empire
Photos By Libby Sterling / Juneau Empire

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