Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2000

Wind knocks out power

Juneau - Wind pushed trees and branches into power lines today, knocking out power to about 650 homes.

One outage before 7 a.m. affected about 150 customers north of Tee Harbor, said Peter Bibb of the Alaska Electric Light and Power Co. Another, about 10 a.m., cut off power to about 500 customers on Back Loop Road, he said. AEL&P crews responded and restored power.

'Joke' virus hits city computer

Juneau - The "joke" computer virus is no laughing matter, but the city's files seem safe from its ravages for the moment.

The city was first hit on Aug. 30, said Rob Steedle, director of Management Information Systems, which handles maintenance for the city's 350 computers.

"We eradicated it we thought and then got hit with it this morning again from a machine that had been out of service while the person who normally uses it was on leave for two weeks," Steedle said shortly after 9 a.m.

That Public Works employee realized almost immediately what was going on, and unplugged his machine. All computers were taken down for 10 minutes to assess the damage. Then a mechanic was dispatched to "scrub the machine" at Public Works.

The joke virus is "a particularly nasty virus in terms of what it can do to a machine. It replicates itself by copying itself over files that are on the machine; it targets jpegs (photos) and html (Web page) files," Steedle said.

Ferry schedule changed for events

Juneau The Alaska Marine Highway schedule was modified this month to accommodate two events in Southeast Alaska.

The Aurora will be on a revised schedule Sept. 8 to allow Metlakatla residents to attend a potlach in Ketchikan. The Aurora will leave Ketchikan at 10 a.m. Sept. 8, arriving in Metlakatla at 11:30 a.m. to pick up passengers and return to Ketchikan by 1:45 p.m.

On Sept. 30 the Kennicott will be delayed in Petersburg for a training exercise by firefighters attending the Alaska Firefighter's convention. The Kenniccott will leave Petersburg at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 30, delaying it's arrival in Juneau. It will depart Juneau at 10:45 p.m. and continue on a delayed schedule up to Haines and Skagway.

Details of the revised schedule are at

Alaska salmon wins 'sustainable' label

Juneau - Alaska salmon processors and retailers are now authorized to put a "sustainable fisheries" label on their product.

The Marine Stewardship Council, a London-based group concerned about depleted fish stocks, does an environmental review before allowing use of its label. Alaska's salmon fishery is the only one in the world to meet the group's standards, according to Gov. Tony Knowles' staff, which has sought the certification for four years. "While acknowledging that periodic weak runs can occur, this certification recognizes our ability to respond through sound salmon management policies and principles," Knowles said in a written statement.

"We're looking forward to marketing MSC labeled products very soon," said Terry Gardiner, president of NorQuest Seafoods.

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