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Posted: Thursday, September 06, 2001

I am a parent volunteer at Riverbend Elementary School. Each day after school I have been standing out front of the school guiding cars not to park in the fire lane and illegally in handicap spots and helping children to walk out to cars safely to be picked up.

I have spent most of that time being spoken to rudely by people who want to park in front of the school to pick up their child instead of walking less than 200 yards from the overflow parking lot. I do understand that this is a hassle and no one wants to walk in the rain to pick someone up. I do understand that you may be in a hurry and don't want to drive around the circle again until you see your child. I understand all of this, but I am volunteering my time standing in the rain and wind to make sure your child and every other child that is picked up is picked up safely. There were a few fender benders between cars and near misses with children last year and I am trying to help make sure that doesn't happen again or worse.

There is no place in town that you can park in a fire lane or a handicap spot without proper tags. I am not sure why you would think it is OK to do it at school.

I am also concerned about what we are teaching our children when we refuse to park legally and safely and then speak rudely to the volunteer, that your children may know by name or face, when you are asked to move.

Please don't take your anger out on me or the other volunteers. We are not trying to upset you. We are just trying to help your child to be safe. If you have a concern or would like to voice your opinion on our parking matters, please come to our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings where we have discussed these issues at length with school staff and with police officers to find solutions that will work.

Maggie Stumme


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