Law may curb problem of chronic inebriates

Posted: Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chronic inebriates are big problem in Alaska, however, no one is offering any concrete ways to solve the problem. I believe the best way to stem the tide of chronic inebriates is to restrict the flow of alcohol to those who should not be drinking.

A change to Alaska's law requiring every person to present a valid piece of identification to purchase alcohol would help prevent inebriates, those recently convicted of alcohol-related offenses, and minors from possessing alcohol.

There should be fines to those establishments that provide alcohol to those individuals that are restricted from purchasing alcohol. It is obvious that fines to the individuals do not work. Recently, the Legislature required that individuals who have been convicted of alcohol-related offenses have an ID that states that they are prohibited from purchasing alcohol. If there is no requirement to provide ID, then how effective is this law? Purchasing alcohol is a privilege and not a right. When individuals have shown that they cannot be trusted to act responsibility, we need to step up and help them.

I'm sure that there will be resistance to this change in law by those who furnish alcohol, but after a while it will be commonplace and people will line up with their ID's ready to purchase alcohol. I will make it a point to have my ID ready and I'm sure the responsible citizens of Alaska will do the same.

Kean D. Nuttall


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