United Way holds annual Campaign KickOff

Goal this year is 1,000 donations of $5 a week

Posted: Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chocolate - great American chocolate cake, fresh chocolate chip cookies, brownies and hand-dipped chocolates - will be the highlight of the United Way of Southeast Alaska's Campaign KickOff this Thursday.

"We'll have all this great chocolate dessert," said Brenda Hewitt, United Way of Southeast Alaska president. "I just really hope people will turn out just to be supportive. We're trying to put some fun back in fundraising, realizing that everyone does depend on everyone else here. It's a tight community, and we appreciate that."

The Campaign KickOff will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Sept. 10 at Centennial Hall.

"It's the beginning of the season," Hewitt said. "This is when we start going out and making the real fun drive."

At the annual KickOff event, attendees will learn how to participate in the two-month Give Five campaign. United Way of Southeast Alaska's goal this year is 1,000 donators at $5 a week.

"The whole concept is a little bit from everybody makes a huge difference," Hewitt said. "So we're looking for everybody to give just a little bit rather than a few people giving a lot."

Also at the KickOff, United Way of Southeast Alaska's Volunteer of the Year will be announced, and partner agencies, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, will have informational tables about services in the community. There also will be an auction of a Carlos Boozer autographed basketball, door prizes and tasty chocolate treats.

"When he was here, we helped with the basketball camp, so he signed a basketball for us, and he's allowing us to auction that off to put into United Way coffers," Hewitt said. "He's so thoughtful. What a nice young man."

For more information, visit the United Way online at www.unitedwayseak.org or call the office at 463-5530. Those who don't already have a workplace campaign established in their location can call the United Way to get one started.

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