Thanks for hospitality during our reunion

Posted: Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Juneaus of Alberta, Canada, would like to thank the wonderful people of Juneau, Alaska, for their marvelous hospitality during our Juneau International Family Reunion held there in July 2009. Everyone was so kind to us at every step of the way that we still look back on our visit as being absolutely magical. What a beautiful place! You are all to be congratulated on having tourism down to a fine art.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to some very special people including: Sueann Lindoff - cousin and local organizer, plus family members Tillie and Linda, for gifts, reception, speech at graveyard where Joe Juneau is buried, tickets to Mt. Robert's Tramway, barbecue on July 4 and driving; Connie Munro and her daughter Meg Day - for all their efforts; and The Juneau-Douglas City Museum and staff for a wonderful welcome to Juneau.

Thank you to the Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 2 and the ANB for the fabulous brunch they sponsored at their hall and the Tlingit Dancers for their performance; Allan, Chief Kowee's great-grandson, for being our tour guide; and to Wally Olds and his cousin for their speeches at their great grandfather John Olds' graveside.

Thank you to the Alaska Miners Association for the interesting mine tour and the lovely reception. Also thank you to the businesses that welcomed us and to Erica for the tour of the Governor's Mansion. It was much appreciated!

Our sincere thanks go out to Mr. Ables for his antique red truck and Ron Klein for his antique car that were part of the Joe Juneau Family float during the July 4th parade. Also a big thank you to the great staff at the Baranof Hotel who were always there for us. We especially thank Wally Olds for his kindness in driving us and for his great pride and enthusiasm for Alaska and his hometown of Juneau.

And last, but not least, we thank John and Virginia Juneau of Shreveport, Louisiana, for their vision, tremendous effort in organizing the big picture and for their super hospitality! We hope we haven't missed anybody; but our hearts go out to all of you who made our stay so memorable.

Joy Juneau, Christine Juneau and all the other Alberta Juneaus

Alberta, Canada

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