Thank you to those involved in our rescue

Posted: Sunday, September 06, 2009

My husband and I were involved in the rafting accident on the Mendenhall River on Aug. 17. This excursion was advertised as a river float trip. We had never been on this kind of excursion and trusted the tour company to be truthful in their advertising and competent in their staff's ability to conduct this trip. We should never have been taken onto the river that day. We had arrived on a cruise ship and had no idea that there were warnings of flooding on the Mendenhall River.

Larry was thrown from the raft, and I really believed I would never see him again. He has no idea how he was rescued or by whom. He was unconscious in the water and later awoke in an ambulance. I remained in the raft and saw three men carrying him up the hill as we moved further downstream. The four of us who remained in the raft were rescued further downstream. All raft occupants were taken to the hospital for observation.

We have no idea how to thank each and every person involved in our rescue. We hope everyone involved (firemen, paramedics, neighbors on the river, staff at the hospital, and others) will know that we appreciate everything each and every one of you did for us. Along with our terrible memories of the accident we will always remember those of you who literally saved our lives that day. We will remember the wonderful people of Juneau.

Thank you so much!

Larry and Barbara McCreary

Fresno, Calif.

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