Big ups to TMHS on an exciting sports week

Posted: Sunday, September 06, 2009

Congratulations are in order for the coaches, players and parents of Thunder Mountain athletics.

It was a big week after the football team picked up its first-ever win at Ketchikan last Saturday, and then took it to Sitka on Friday night for the first win at the school itself in front of a good home crowd.

"It was a nice feeling to come back with a win and see the kids excited and thrilled for all their hard work," coach Bill Byouer said about the win at Ketchikan. "I see kids that are starting to get a little more fight in them. They like this feeling and they want to continue having that feeling. I think we can continue to do it."

After watching the Falcons run (and pass) all over Sitka, Byouer's boys certainly look like they can continue to do it.

•The volleyballers also held their first matches this weekend, and if I have one complaint, it would be the great scheduling disservice done to the girls. Scheduling is no easy task, but to put their first home match up head-to-head against the football team's home opener was a colossul mistake.

• Finally, congratulatoins to Zeeba Sanchez, who scored the first victory for the Falcons swim and dive team after taking first in the girls' 1-meter dive at last weekend's meet in Sitka.

•Now, on to much less inspiring news. If I may, I will coment on the now-infamous incident that happened last weekend in Sitka between the JYFL and SYFL.

I wasn't there and I didn't see what happened with my own two eyes, but I've seen and heard about enough instances of adults behaving badly while on the sideline or in the stands, and the bottom line is it only hurts the kids while also teaching them all the wrong lessons.

It's a he-said-she-said mess that might cost Sitka it's entire football season if Juneau refuses to play again.

We are supposed to be teaching kids about sportsmmanship and the proper way to act on the playing fields, and in turn, life. If we can't perform that simple task, we end up with young men like LeGarrette Blount.

Blount, you may remember, is the Oregon running back last seen jacking the jaw of Boise State's Byron Hout after Hout's Broncos spanked the Ducks on Thursday.

Apparently, Blount could dish out the trash talk before the game, but he couldn't take any after so he decided to sucker punch an opposing player on national television before trying to go all Ron Artest and jump into the stands to fight some fans.

Blount was subsequently suspended for the entire season. Maybe we should just start suspending adults instead of play so the kids can get back out there to have some fun. Isn't that what youth sports is supposed to be about?

•Sports editor Shaun T. Cox can be reached at 523-2228, or at

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