Gastineau to lose a teacher, Auke Bay gains

Posted: Monday, September 06, 2010

Classrooms are being shifted as enrollment numbers at Gastineau and Auke Bay elementary schools varied from initial projections.

Gastineau had too few primary students - kindergarten through second grade - enrolled to retain a teacher. However, Auke Bay saw a higher than expected enrollment and will gain a teacher to even out classroom sizes.

Juneau School District Communications Manager Kristin Bartlett said the teacher being moved taught at Auke Bay last year.

"She's happy to be going to the school," Bartlett said. "It worked out well."

Enrollment numbers haven't moved in the past week, except Auke Bay gained two more students.

"It looks to have stabilized right now," she said. "Certainly kids come and go during the year. After Labor Day we will look again to see if there's a shift."

Bartlett said the Gastineau community is working together to create a smooth transition for as little disruption as possible.

"All families have been included and this week students are visiting new classes with their teacher to make a gradual change," she said. "The shift will be completed after the Labor Day weekend and the everyone is looking forward to a great school year."

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