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Posted: Sunday, September 07, 2003

Bruce Botelho is running for mayor! That's the best political news to hit this town in awhile. He is the right person for the right job at the right time.

I've known Bruce for most of my 21 years in Juneau. As an Empire reporter I covered his first successful run for mayor in 1988, then watched him effectively and tirelessly lead the Assembly. Later, while working in the governor's office, I saw Bruce up close in his longtime service as Alaska's attorney general. The guy is incredible. In the atmosphere of the Capitol, where strong conflicting opinions are the norm and the partisanship game is played for keeps, Bruce was always a calming voice of reason. More important, he was a smart negotiator and wise solution maker.

Now he's willing to take on another term as our mayor. People, we should not miss this chance. The Assembly right now is mostly good folks trying hard to do good things. But it is a splintered ship of state that needs Bruce's skill and expertise to steer it onto the right course.

Really, he is perfect for this job. He's a husband, father, Boy Scout leader and who knows what else. He was the AG and a top adviser to governors of vastly different political stripes. He knows the issues inside and out - local and state. Plus he grew up in Juneau and graduated from high school here.

No offense to his opponent, but this mayor's race is a no-brainer. Bruce Botelho is the man!

Bruce Scandling


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