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Posted: Sunday, September 07, 2003

I tend to drive 60-ish in good weather and low traffic. When traffic is heavy, I go as fast as the rest of the pack; I believe that this is safer than being the slowpoke in the pack. When driving in inclement weather I drive as fast as feels safe given the quality of my vehicle and the accessories (4x4, studs) it is equipped with.

With all the uproar recently on speed limit on Egan, it seems to have gotten worse with drivers not moving to the right lane. It is my belief that this is why there are so many speeders just trying to get past those sometimes not even driving 50 in the fast lane. This has gotten so ridiculous and it's a wonder there isn't a lot of road rage out there. Slower traffic still needs to move right whether they are going to make a left turn two miles down the expressway.

I make a point of driving 50, 5 mph under the legal speed limit. Fifty mph is more fuel-efficient than the legal 55 mph. Our ongoing misadventure in Iraq is glaring evidence that we need to change our gluttonous oil-consumption habits. Driving 50 and reducing oil consumption: more patriotic than flying the American flag.

I usually drive right around 55-60 mph, or with the general flow of traffic, which is plenty fast and I get there at the same time as the person flying down the road does. They usually get to sit at the stoplight while I get to go on through, or we end up being at the same place at the same time. There are more than 26 percent drivers out there that drive over 65 - if CBJ needs extra money, they should be sitting out on Egan at 7:25-7:40 a.m. every day. They would have the money they need rather than raising our utility bills and taxes on cigarettes. I have people flying by me doing at least 70-plus. Especially one guy who is really in a hurry every day, he flashes his lights, points his finger, weaves in and out of traffic. There is an accident waiting to happen.

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