Outsource mining to China

Posted: Friday, September 07, 2007

Would someone please tell me how this dry stacking works?

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I have lived in Juneau for 40 years and I have noticed that it rains. I also noticed that the rain runs down hill until it gets to the ocean. Outsmart those two things and you would probably get burned at the stake for witchcraft. I cannot figure out how you could keep it, or anything else for that matter, "dry" and out of the water system, unless it is in a building. While I don't know how big the mine is, I think inside is not feasible. I mean, even the Pentagon is only so big, and remember, the whole thing has to make money sense.

Let's just do the mine in China, where we don't need to be concerned about the environment at all. Also, the cheaper labor there and the nonexistent health/social care makes the whole thing so much cheaper that I can't imagine any business person looking to max out his bottom line would do business here anyway. Welcome to the 21st century.

John Lewis


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