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Posted: Friday, September 08, 2000

...for wilderness help

Several volunteer organizations contributed their time and labor to help maintain the public trails and cabins of Admiralty Island. This help has become vital to the USDA Forest Service in these times of overstretched budgets and increasing workloads, and we would like to extend heartfelt thanks to several groups and individuals including:

Territorial Sportsmen of Juneau: Years ago the Sportsmen helped construct several Forest Service Admiralty Island public rental cabins, and now they continue to help maintain them as well. Tom and Chris Donek led two groups of volunteers to both Jim's Lake in May (Jim Galea, Chris Luongo and David Seng) and Gambier Bay in June (Steve and Mary Lou Peterson, and Jim and Beth Galea). The Church Bight cabin in Gambier Bay needs some big improvements in future years including a new roof and foundation, but this year's volunteers all pitched in to fill the woodshed for those fall hunters. If interested in helping with the upcoming Church Bight cabin project or other projects on Admiralty, contact Tom Donek of the Territorial Sportsmen or John Neary of the Forest Service.

Southeast Alaska Guidance Association (SAGA): As another long-term volunteer organization, SAGA again contributed youthful energy to the ongoing reconstruction of the trail from Admiralty Cove to Youngs Lake. Come check out their good work in this 4.5 mile hike that begins at the Admiralty Cove cabin and ends at the Youngs Lake cabin. There are still some muddy sections, but overall the trail has been vastly improved. Make a little noise as you hike to let the bears know you are coming.

American Hiking Society (AHS): Two volunteers, Phil and Helen Meck, helped the Forest Service crew replace a foundation at the Little Shaheen cabin on Hasselborg Lake in June. AHS volunteers come from around the country to help with these projects and we depend upon their help. At Hasselborg Lake alone, for example, annually maintaining three cabins and four trails normally requires a 10-day trip for anywhere from 6 to 10 people.

Discovery Southeast (formerly Discovery Foundation): Thanks to Jono McKinney for his help coordinating and leading a youth stewardship camp at Windfall Harbor. The expedition participants (Jessica Page, Colleen Keane, Beatriz Muse, Jesse Salsman, Thomas Parkin, Sheena Nelson, Elm Robichaud and Sara Dow) helped replace the roof of the Windfall Harbor shelter and learned how to live in harmony with the brown bears they saw every day. One participant commented "I would tell my friends that the expedition is one of the neatest things that I have ever done." Another camp is planned for next summer; contact Discovery Southeast for details.

John Neary, Wilderness Manager, U.S. Forest Service, Admiralty Island National Monument

... for garden event

Hundreds of locals came out to view the bounty displayed at the 8th annual Juneau Community Garden Harvest Fair. Huge zucchini, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, beets, celery, herbs, broccoli, carrots, corn, gorgeous flowers and more were exhibited for judging. Adults and children entered their summer's labors, and many were awarded ribbons for their efforts. Attendees enjoyed the garden tours, children's activities, the Farmer's Market, the judging and awarding of ribbons, a raffle and lots of great food while admiring what Juneau residents can grow.

None of this would have been possible without the generous businesses, individuals and agencies who donated gardening merchandise and provided other assistance to make this year's Harvest Fair a great success. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the following for their support of community gardening in Juneau: Auke Bay Gardens, Canvases Unlimited, Carrs/Safeway, Chapel by the Lake, Don Abel, Ed's Edible Landscaping, Fred Meyer, Glacier Gardens, Landscape Alaska, Kmart, KTOO, KINY, Juneau Empire, Maccagno's Herbs, Super Bear, Valley Lumber and Western Auto. Special thanks to the judges who donated their expertise and time to judge the many entries: Larry and Barbara Buzzell, Ed Buyarski, Merridy Davis, Larry Hurlock, Caroline Jensen, Duayne Lewis and Marion Simpson. And finally, thank you, thank you, thank you to the numerous volunteers, gardeners all, who gave their time and energy to set up the Harvest Fair. May your gardens always be abundant.

Harvest Fair Committee,

Joann Rieselbach, chairperson

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