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Posted: Sunday, September 08, 2002

New kids' books for the new school year!

"The Difference between Babies and Cookies," by Mary Hanson. When Mom's expecting a baby, she prepares her the unnamed daughter by telling her what babies are like. But, as the narrator discovers, even if babies are as sweet as cookies, you can't dip them in milk. And, though a baby may be as wiggly as a worm, you can't use them to fish with. And they don't always smell like whipped cream. (picture book)

"Big Ben," by Sarah Ellis. In this cozy school-themed book, little brother Ben gets to watch sadly as his big brother and sister bring home their report cards but, since Ben is only in preschool, he doesn't get one himself. His understanding siblings create a report card for him in the subjects he does best: feeding the cat, tying his shoes, brushing his teeth, whistling, and making people laugh! (picture book)

"Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X," by Denys Cazet. Beginning readers, get ready for super silliness from cows Minnie and Moo and their new best friend, a one-eyed potato-like creature. When Spud runs out of fuel and crash-lands on Earth at Minnie and Moo's hooves, they help him out by donating the farmer's tractor to be remodeled into a space ship, and even help him find space fuel. (What is space fuel? Here's a hint: it tastes great with chocolate chip cookies!) (primary reader)

"The Three Questions," by Jon Muth, based on a story by Leo Tolstoy. Lovely watercolors illustrate this thoughtful story about a boy who wonders what he should be doing, when he should do it, and who is most important. Through a rainstorm rescue of a panda bear and her cub, he discovers the answers.

Some kids will need help with this philosophical fable, but that's okay - this is a book worth discussing! (older picture book)

"Elephant Elephant," by Francesco Pittau. This quirky book of opposites is aimed squarely at the funny bones of older kids sophisticated enough to appreciate opposites like "wrinkled" and "pressed." Not all the words are true opposites - "furry" and "feathered," for example - but the demonstrating elephants make it easy to overlook any inconsistencies! (older picture book)

"Go Outside!" by Nancy Blakey. A collection of outdoor activities grouped by season that will entice anyone outside to play! With activities including making tin-can stilts, rocket balls, rain paintings and fish fossils, there is something for everyone. (older non-fiction)

"The Emperor's Silent Army," by Jane O'Connor. When the first emperor of China died, he was buried in a tomb, protected by a silent army of terracotta soldiers who were buried nearby. Until 1974, when farmers digging a well discovered the head of one of the figures, no one knew about them. Beautiful photos and a fascinating story. (older non-fiction)

"Green Boy," by Susan Cooper. From the author of "The Dark is Rising" series comes the story of two boys who blunder into a polluted world very different from their Bahama island world. Seven-year-old Lou is welcomed into this new world as a mythic hero of destruction and renewal, and he and his twelve-year-old brother, Trey, must find a way to save it and return to their own world. (chapter book)

Next week, look for incoming large print titles!

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