Silence speaks volumes

Posted: Sunday, September 08, 2002

I would like to express a few thoughts on the thought of Fran Ulmer being the next governor of Alaska.

A letter supporting Fran for governor in the Aug. 5 Empire stated that "Voters are convinced that Fran will fight to keep the capital in Juneau a fight to which she has committed herself during every capital move vote since she was Juneau/s mayor."

I don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling with that statement at all. In fact I beg to differ. During the eight years she has been in office the migration of state departments has accelerated and in spite of objections by many, all that was heard was silence. In my opinion when we are silent about activities that are going on around us we in effect condone or support them.

In my mind she has had eight years to speak to the state fiscal gap as a member of the current administration and while I agree she has not been in charge, she nonetheless has been silent and that speaks volumes in itself.

I will not support Fran Ulmer and I will bet that she will have a tough time carrying Juneau much less the rest of Southeast Alaska.

John Mielke


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