A shameful convention

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I feel it is important to respond to the recent Republican National Convention in New York. The perception I attained from all that was broadcast is one of a party that is more dividing the country rather than uniting our country, which goes against our whole philosophy, "United We Stand."

Instead of being optimistic and explaining what they hope to do to unite the great people of this land, they turned nasty and negative toward other parties and people. An example of this negativity was Zell Miller's speech, where he mischaracterized John Kerry's voting record. This from a man who had just two years earlier praised Kerry as "one of this nation's authentic heroes - and a good friend [who] has worked to strengthen our military." This seems to be an example of flip-flopping judgment.

Another example of misstating the facts would be their statement of helping to take care of Americans at home, when they are doing nothing for the 43 million of us who are uninsured, almost half working. This is not my example of compassionate conservatism.

I think the most outrageous demonstration came when the Republican delegates mocked Purple Heart veterans when they distributed Band-Aids with purple hearts on them on the convention floor. That was disgraceful, disrespectable, and reason enough to consider an alternative that will unite Americans and heal the view that the rest of the world holds toward us. Every person should consider the antics of the Republican National Convention when deciding whom to vote for in November.

Craig Cline


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