Questions about salmon rule

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Three questions that might be of some interest to the general public:

A law goes into effect this fall, 2004, that requires a restaurant to identify on its menu whether the salmon served is wild or farmed. Is a cruise ship in Alaska a restaurant?

Secondly, does the state of Alaska now retain any proprietary jurisdiction within the state over the phrase, "Fresh Pacific salmon," in general, or particularly if the fish were Atlantic salmon grown in the Pacific Ocean, processed, cooked and served on a cruise ship in Alaskan waters?

And thirdly, does U.S. Customs check the origin (Chilean/Norwegian/Canadian) of farmed salmon loaded on board cruise ships in Vancouver which then sail to Alaska and serve that fish listed on the menu as "Fresh Pacific salmon?"

D. Tim Boyle


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