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Posted: Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Murkowski administration is now conducting state-sponsored whale watching trips. In the summer of 1974 the state of Alaska used a ferry as a poor man's tour boat to Glacier Bay. At the time they had little competition as the private sector had not yet discovered value in ocean tourism. Even so, the public outcry about state competition with private enterprise caused the state to back down and leave the tour business to private entrepreneurs.

Thirty years later the Murkowski administration is the new competition with the tourism industry. It seems they can't figure out what to do with all their new planes and boats. The ferries are built to move people and goods from point to point, not to go whale watching. No wonder Robin Taylor and his boss think they need to build more roads if they view the ferries only as big blue tour boats. If the Murkowski administration focused more on the purpose of the ferries and less on the politics, the residents of Southeast would be better off.

Jay Nelson


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