Boar of a different kind scavenges Kodzoff Acres

Posted: Thursday, September 08, 2005

Animal control officers are waiting for the owner of a 60-pound pig to step forward after they captured the swine at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the backyard of a Kodzoff Acres mobile home.

Melissa Poe spotted the pig in her yard about an hour earlier.

"I was cooking supper and talking to my girlfriend, and there was this pink pig walking up the driveway," said Poe, an employee at G.W. Teal.

Poe offered the pig some of the celery she was chopping in hopes that it would linger long enough to be subdued. The pig opted for peaches from her refrigerator, then dug up her yard and flower bed to look for grubs.

Poe, who once worked at a slaughter farm in Nebraska, and her husband, Paul, identified the pig as a Chester White. That breed is known for its droopy ears, medium build and massive litters.

"It wasn't a pet," Poe said. "From what I understand, pot-bellied pigs are registered and have a collar like a dog. It had a numbered tag on its ear. It was a market pig. I would think that somebody bought it to butcher and it got away."

The animal created a mild sensation in the neighborhood, where bear visits are far more common than pig sightings.

"I oinked and it came running toward me, and then two neighbor girls came down and said, 'What is that?'" Poe said. "I said, 'It's a pig.' One girl said, 'I thought a pig would be a lot softer.'"

Animal control arrived at about 5:30 p.m.

"I was expecting a pot-bellied pig, because they're common pets in a lot of areas," said animal control officer Raymond Rice. "No, it was a regular pig."

"I've been here nine months and my supervisor's been here over two years, and this is the first pig," he said.

Rice put a leash around the pig, but the animal balked. Eventually, the officers simply picked it up off the ground.

"It was totally nonaggressive," Rice said. "We put it in the Jeep and it didn't have a problem until we gave it a deworming shot. It didn't like that very much."

"What was funny was, they were trying to capture it and it was starting to squeal," Poe said. "The lady came over the (dispatch radio) and said, 'Is the pig under custody?'"

If it's your pig, call Animal Control at 789-6997.

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