Note to Juneau: Get over yourself

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 08, 2006

OK, OK, here we go again. In regards to Sue Miller's Sept. 1 My Turn, Miller has obviously read a large amount of the Hooligan articles despite her mind's need for a "good reputation." She cited in her rant at least four different articles from four different weeks.

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Well, now it is my turn. Do not let your children read the thing. I have three children. I monitor what they watch, read and what video games they play. I would not have let any of them read the sex-toy article. But I enjoyed it. I got a huge laugh out of the "Loverboys." Yard snakes in banana hammocks are not my thing, but it did make me laugh. And the Juneau toilets article - well who didn't already know that? I have mastered the hover.

My point being, Juneau needs to get over itself. Grow up, mind your children and use the Hooligan for starting a fire if you disagree with the humor.

"Is this the kind of standard that represents the capital?" Well, yes it is. Juneau is just behind the times. The publicity thrown upon the Hooligan because of the Aug. 24 article has launched it into major water cooler conversation. Keep up the good work. Because of the Hooligan, I have more than just the Police and Fire to keep me entertained on Thursdays.

Courtney Dawkins


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