Liam VanSickle

Posted: Friday, September 08, 2006

Age: 6.

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Grade: 1.

School: Auke Bay Elementary School.

Art of choice: Tlingit dance. He is in the Indian Studies program dance group at Auke Bay.

Experience: One year.

Reason: "I wanted to learn about the Tlingit culture and how they did things. I like the design and the noise!"

All in the family: His sister dances in the Indian Studies program dance group with him.

Favorite artists: His favorite artist is his mother. He likes country music and Junie B. Jones books.

Future plans: He wants to work for Mobile Crisis Unit.

Activities: He also participates in basketball and soccer.

Wacky art: He believes the wackiest thing artists can do is their worst - on purpose.

His Indian Studies teacher, Victoria Johnson, says: "I chose Liam for student artist of the week, because he inspires me as a cultural teacher. (It is positive) when children as young as he is can have pride in their culture, by learning the old traditional ways and singing loud, dancing hard and being involved in the native community. The most inspirational thing I ever saw him do was when he brought his button blanket robe to Tlingit dance practice. He started telling me who made the robe for him. And when he put the robe on, I could see the pride he had when wearing the robe his grandmother made for him."

• Student Artist in the Spotlight is a weekly feature on the Neighbors page and is in collaboration with the Juneau School District Elementary Art Program. To have your student art included, contact your school office.

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