Demand plain talk in health care reform

Posted: Tuesday, September 08, 2009

There is a lot of passion from all sides regarding the health care reform bills being promulgated in Washington. It is justified. I can't think of an issue that touches individuals closer than their own health care.

However, it is literally impossible for most of us to read and understand what is being proposed. The bills are written in obtuse legalese with circular references and word structure that makes it virtually impossible to decipher.

This is our medicine they are talking about. One would never accept such clouded instruction if you were talking to your medical professional. One would demand plain talk about treatment proposals. We should demand no less from health care reform.

It is interesting that, as part of the 1993 effort to reform health care, the health care task force published a small, plain language book available to the public that described all changes proposed. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the proposals, at least you could understand what was being proposed.

All of us - the hippie lefties, right-wing extremists, and rock-solid middle-of-the-roaders - should demand from our legislators that the proposed health care reform bill be re-written in plain language and made available to the public so that we can understand what the proposed prescription is. Anything less is malpractice.

Tony Yorba


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