Give everyone same chance at health

Posted: Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kudos to the organizers and participants in the Aug. 30 Beat the Odds race. All efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer are worthy endeavors. As we all know by now, early detection of cancer is vital to successful treatment. For that reason, an annual mammogram is a crucial procedure for nearly all women. So dutifully, I recently had my annual exam done at Bartlett.

The total bill, hospital and radiologist, was a whopping $565. Luckily, I am covered by insurance, but I thought of the countless women who are not and who must choose between taking care of their own health and that of their family. How many of them can afford the "luxury" of spending more than $500 on one routine medical test every year? Tough decisions like this about their family's health care probably do not keep members of Congress or pharmaceutical corporation lobbyists awake at night.

Isn't it time for bipartisan support for meaningful, comprehensive reform of health care and the health insurance industry? Isn't it time that all women, insured and uninsured, have the same chance to beat the odds?

Sue Schrader


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