Watchdogs barking against Douglas Crossing

Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2010

There is a savvy new bunch of canines in town. An ideologically diverse pack of fiscal watchdogs have met, named themselves and united in one voice to proclaim the critical importance of protecting, among other important things, the natural phenomenon that is the Mendenhall Wetlands.

The wetlands are a beautifully wild creation being unnecessarily threatened with certain extinction by a 10-year extension of the city's 1 percent sales tax. The sales tax is a highly regressive tax designed expressly by a relative few to fund the damming up of a rare tidal-flow watershed - by permitting, planning and constructing a motor causeway, straight across unreplaceable wetlands from Egan Drive to North Douglas Island.

The actual percentage of people who even know the wetlands provide critical water-filtering action necessary to maintaining healthy clean water and to protecting the lives of thousands of wildlife species is probably considerably less than the total number who will actually go out to vote in the upcoming Oct. 5 municipal election.

So please folks turn on your radios, watch for, listen to and read more about this new savvy bunch in town. Then go vote this October.

Alan R. Munro


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