Non-word 'refudiate' gets most online searches

Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - It's not a real word, but that hasn't stopped "refudiate" from becoming Merriam-Webster's 2010 "Word of the Summer."

The publishing company says Sarah Palin's pseudo-word was the most-often searched by users of its online dictionary. The former Alaska governor used it twice in July - once on a news show and later on Twitter - in place of refute or repudiate.

It's not in the dictionary, but Merriam-Webster's publishers say they think searchers understood Palin's intent, since refute and repudiate were also looked up very frequently.

Some other top words: inception and despicable, both used in summer movie titles. Also, opulent, used to describe Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

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