The city's proposed smoking ordinance at a glance

Posted: Sunday, September 09, 2001

* What would the smoking ban cover?

Enclosed public places including stores, shops, offices, banks, Laundromats, garages, salons, waiting rooms, schools, arcades, bingo halls, pull tab parlors, health clubs, hospitals, clinics, movie theaters, galleries, libraries, museums, fish hatcheries, polling places, restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, sports and exercise facilities, and commercial passenger vehicles.

People would need to smoke at a sufficient distance from a public place so smoke does not enter through doors, windows or ventilation systems. The ban also would apply to a line in which two or more people are waiting for or receiving goods or services of any kind.

* What would be exempt?

Homes, tobacco stores, bars, performers smoking as part of a stage performance and private enclosed rooms at nursing homes. Hotels, motels, boarding houses, hostels, and bed and breakfast owners could allow smoking in 25 percent of rooms.

* What would the penalties be?

A business or office that fails to maintain a smoke-free premises would face a $200 fine for a first-time violation. Someone caught smoking where it was prohibited could be charged $50.

* When would it take effect?

As now written, the ordinance would go into effect 90 days after its adoption.

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